Dare to Surrender Series

Chasing Her Trust

When Lauren Harrow’s life is threatened, she’s forced to rely on a man she doesn’t trust.

Lauren needs protection. Was she part of a holiday prank or something more sinister? As luck would have it, Detective Nick Moore answers her call. She’ll take any other officer in his place. Dang small town. She might not want his support, but like it or not she needs him.

Don’t fall for the woman you are protecting. Nick’s mantra. From the moment he met Lauren, he knew she was different. Instead of falling for his charm, he was greeted with her middle finger when she flipped him the bird.

Then her ex shows up, she panics and says Nick is her boyfriend. Word spreads fast in a small town. Now they have to convince everyone they are together.

Nick can do that. As far as he’s concerned, it’s game on princess.

With no obvious motives, everyone is a suspect, and he won’t rest until she’s safe.

If you like fun banter, sizzling chemistry, and suspenseful twists and turns, then you’ll love Chasing Her Trust, a gripping novel by Danielle Pays.

Taking Her Chase

He’s in love with his best friend. She’s dating his number one suspect. What could go wrong?

Harmony Brose can’t stop fantasizing about her best friend. After a few drinks, she took a risk. She asked Chase to kiss her. It was the best kiss of her life. Until he jumped up and left, breaking her heart.

Officer Chase Harvey had thought about kissing Harmony for years but never crossed that line until that night. Fearing Harmony was drunk, he had to cut it off until he was sure she truly wanted him. Apparently she didn’t, because Harmony just started dating the new man in town.

Chase doesn’t have time to waste on regrets. A woman vanished from their small town and he’ll do whatever is necessary to solve the case. When evidence points to the new man, Chase must follow the lead. It has nothing at all to do with the fact the man is dating Harmony…

Now he has to decide. Is he willing to risk losing the woman he loves in order to protect her?

Saving Her Target

If your true identity would cause you to lose the woman you love, would you tell her?

Zach Brannigan escaped his crime family years ago. Now, as owner of a small town pub, he’s living life with the freedom he once craved. Life is simple, until he’s mistaken for another criminal and tackled.

Tackling mountain men is all in a day’s work for this special agent, but this time Jessie Doyle has the wrong perp. While she can’t find the one running from the law, she keeps running into the wrong one and he’s getting under her skin.

Zach’s family finds him, and they make it clear they won’t let him go again. This lands him right in the middle of an FBI sting. Led by Jessie. And here he thought it was his charm that led her to his small town.

He’s fallen for his Macushla, his darling. But if Jessie learns who he really is, it’s over.

He escaped his family once. Can he do it again?

Trusting Her Hero

He’s there to save the town. But can he also protect her?

Detective Wilder Coleman left Fisher Springs ten years ago a shattered man thanks to his ex, Kate. Now he’s back, undercover, to find the man who wants to blow up the town.

Except the real bomb is the one dropped on him when he learns the truth of what really happened that night.

Kate Loprete’s business is on the cusp of taking off. But her world is thrown upside down when her ex, Wilder, returns to town.

He’s returned under questionable circumstances and she’s not sure if she can trust him.

When the truth comes out, it threatens to destroy everything she’s worked so hard to build.

Now Wilder wants a second chance to make things right.

Dare to Risk Series


Declan’s eager to take over his family’s business. One more deal and his future is guaranteed. But what if that deal destroys the woman he loves?

Declan should be the one to run his family’s property management business. Not his brother. He’s worked hard over the years to prove it. Now he just has to convince one last person to sell her business to secure his future.

Brooke knows a good wine, but not a good man. After a failed relationship, she decided she’s better off on her own. Her competitors want her winery and will stop at nothing to get it, even if they have to destroy it.

Brooke leans on the sexy man who stole her heart for help. But is he the man of her dreams? Or her worst nightmare?


Don’t mix business with pleasure. At least that’s what she keeps telling herself.

Ryan Thiel, known as Seattle’s most eligible bachelor instead of Seattle’s most powerful businessman, all because a local magazine changed its story direction after taking one look at him. He gets it, he’s hot. But he’s not happy. He has no interest in dating. Last time he tried, it ended in disaster. Then he meets Katie and all that changes.

Katie Capone is starting over after discovering her ex-boyfriend slept with her coworkers. Now at a new job, she won’t make the mistake of mixing business with personal ever again. Then she meets Ryan. 

Forced to work with Ryan, Katie struggles to keep their relationship professional.  Hard to do with the steamy looks he keeps giving her.

Ryan wants Katie and this time, he is willing to wait. But when his past comes back and threatens to hurt Katie, Ryan must decide between the woman he wants or exposing a past he has buried.

Surrounded by danger, Katie must decide if she can trust Ryan or if she is being used again.


His best skill? Pushing her buttons. All of them. Anger. Annoyance. Lust.

Jake Thiel is an arrogant, cocky, infuriating man who likes to rile her up.

After accidentally catching him in his boxer briefs, she can’t get the image of his ripped body and chiseled abs out of her head. But  he’s off-limits and can never be more than a fantasy. 

Tara Canley is a high maintenance, irritating woman that drives him nuts.  But she’s sexy as hell and has invaded his thoughts.

When his past catches up to him, he’ll do whatever he can to protect her. Even if it means enduring being trapped together in a remote cabin.

When sparks fly, Jake isn’t sure what will take him down first–his past or Tara. 


Now that he’s back in town, Josh Morgan wants his second chance. But did he blow it forever when he enlisted in the Marines and left the love of his life eight years ago?

Shaw Seymour has had a hell of a year. She was framed and almost lost her license to practice law. With distrust at an all-time high, she’s learned to keep others at arm’s length.

When Shaw’s assigned to handle an easy estate matter, she never thought the client would be the cowboy who broke her heart. Josh never expected the lawyer assigned to his father’s estate would be the one who got away. He’s not going to let her get away this time.

When someone calls into question Josh’s claim to the ranch, they will do whatever it takes to make sure he doesn’t get it. 

Josh wants Shaw back, and Shaw just wants to do her job, but can they learn to trust one another before a legal dispute turns deadly?


Needed: one fake boyfriend for the holidays

This holiday season, Macy must make a choice. Marry a man she detests to save her family’s company or fake date the man she secretly wants in order to escape her fate

Garrett has wanted Macy since college, but he made a promise that he wouldn’t touch his best friend’s little sister. But now that she is being pushed to marry another man, Garrett knows this is his last chance.

Now he has to convince Macy he is the one for her. As long as her brother doesn’t kill him first.