Consumed Bonus Scene


Josh stretched his arms over his head. While unloading hay bales was a lot of work, he was appreciative to be here and not back home with his father. The moment he turned eighteen, he took his uncle Teddy’s invitation to work on his ranch many states away from where he’d grown up. When he stepped onto the Horse Haven property, he knew this was where he should be.

“Hey, there’s no time for daydreaming around here Josh,” Teddy said as he strode by.

Josh laughed. “Yes, sir.”

He grabbed another bale and took it into the barn. As he walked out, a young boy ran past him to his mom.

“Mom, you should have seen it!”

The ranch offered lessons to children and every single kid he’d seen ran away all smiles.

He picked up another bale and strolled to the barn staring at the boy as his hands were waving in the air describing his lesson to his mom.

But his walk abruptly ended when he ran into something. He turned to see what it was.

It wasn’t something but a someone who had been knocked to the ground. He tossed the bale aside and bent down.

Her back was to him and all he could see was her long, dark hair that nearly fell to her waist.

“I’m so sorry. I wasn’t watching where I was going,” he said. “Are you all right?”

“I think so,” she said as she turned around, now on her knees.

Then she looked up at him. The moment their eyes locked, Josh was struck by her beauty, but there was something else. Something more. He held out his hand. “Let me help you.”

She placed her hand in his and his body tingled at that small touch. Her eyes widened as she stared at their hands. Once she was up, she let go of his grasp and wiped the dirt off her jeans.

“I’m sorry. It was my fault. I was walking backward talking to my friend.” She nodded toward a man he’d met earlier.

Luke. Another teenager just out of high school here to help train the kids to ride.

He was watching him, so Josh gave him a wave. Then he turned his attention back to the woman before him.

“I’m Josh,” he said, holding out his hand. He wanted to touch her again and see if he felt the same sensation again.

“Shawnie,” she said, then shook his hand.

And there it was. The spark.

“Do you teach here?” he asked.

She smiled, and it lit up her eyes. “I do. It looks like you work here too?”

He glanced back at the half-unloaded truck. “I do. I’m here for the summer.”

“Well, Josh, who’s here for the summer. I hope I see you again,” she said as she took a few steps backward.

“You will. You definitely will.”

She gave him a nod and took another step back into a car.

“You gotta watch out with that walking backward,” he said.

She grinned. “I’ll keep that in mind.”

“Hey, do you work here on the weekends?” he asked.

“Nope.” She popped the P. Then didn’t say more.

“What days do you work?”

She licked her lips. “Hmm. I think maybe you will just have to wait and see.”

He chuckled. “You want to keep me guessing? Is that it?”

“Always,” she said. Then she spun around and got into the car in question.

While he was lost in thought about her, Luke stepped up.

“She’s a nice girl. If I hear you hurt her, I’ll come find you,” Luke said.

As Shawnie drove down the driveway, Josh kept his eyes on her car. “I have no intention of hurting her. But I am going to spend more time with her, so if you have a problem with that, then let’s resolve it now.”

Luke laughed. “No problem. I know a man who’s smitten when I see him. Just be good to her.”

“I will.”

Thank you for reading Consumed! Follow Shaw and Josh as they appear in the Morgan Thompson Security series. It all starts with Defending Sarina. Click here to grab it now.

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