Deceived Now Available

Who can Brooke trust?

Running a winery on her own was never her plan. When the pushy accountant offers to help, she accepts but his methods leave her doubting that he’s looking out for her best interests. 

After learning the man she desires, the man pursuing her, is also her landlord, she questions his motives. But Declan swears he’s on her side. 

If Brooke had trust issues before, they weren’t helped when Declan is arrested. Sure, he says he was framed, but … the more she looks into what happened, the less that makes sense.

“Who do you trust?” the quiet voice inside her head kept asking. Too much rested on her answer being right. She could lose the winery, her heart or both. While Declan could lose his freedom or his life.

This is a steamy, stand-alone, HEA romantic suspense.

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